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Beth | 19 | Essex

I am glued together by
midnight conversations
and the sweet taste of coffee.

All the shit that’s going on in my life, and you think that what occupies my thoughts is if I should run back to you? Please, I never wanted you to begin with. You need to get over yourself. You’re not the centre of the fucking universe. You’re just a pathetic little boy with a victim complex who thinks the world owes him a favour.

Was up til 3.30 and now i can’t get back to sleep. Wah.



think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

this just changed my life

You know what, actually, shit talk me all you want, but we both know which of is was actually a nasty little cheat, and I hope that you remember that when you’re laying in bed at night.

I wasn’t controlling, I was committed to a relationship that you didn’t care about. Enough said.

I really like it when people turn a bad situation on me. Especially a version of me that was 17 years old. I’m nothing like I was then and I’m not gonna tolerate people putting me down for the part I played in a toxic relationship.

Anonymous said: It's been told that you are super controlling and that's one of the reasons your ex left you

I broke up with my actual ex like a year ago, and I assume that’s who this refers to, so I’m not really sure why this has come up now..?

But besides anything else, I was in that relationship from 17-18 and I was very very young and naive. I don’t think controlling is the word at all, as I never was prior to my ex cheating on me, and just became very insecure and cautious after he did. Tbh though, it’s irrelevant. Neither of us was happy in the relationship so I’m glad we got out of it. Frankly I deserved better than I got, and I was treated badly, so if my reaction was to try and get some control of a situation that was totally out if my hands, can you blame me?

I cried like a baby at spiderman but I still ship Harry and Peter to death. Always have.